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The peaceful and tranquil environment, as well as the privacy offered, makes Selena Country House an ideal holiday home for both summer and winter time and an excellent choice for family reunions or large groups of friends who want to get away from everyday anxiety and enjoy a wonderful vacation. The location of the house is also perfect for ecotourism, outdoor activities and for exploring the beauties of Crete.
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Winter 2022-2023
special offer

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290€ / day

We have a special limited time discount offer for this winter season,
only for bookings between winter period 1/11/2022 to 30/3/2023 and only for stays from 14+ days.

Wine & Dine

The climate and geography of Crete are the factors to produce wine and oil of high quality and nutritional value. In the surrounding area, it is suitable for vineyards and olive trees that farmers have harvested throughout the year. Still in the area there are wineries and mills that produce excellent quality products. It is worth visiting and tasting local wine varieties such as Kotsifali, Mantilari and Vilana.

The 7-day package, for a group of 10-14 people, includes visits to 10 local wineries, 1 olive oil mill and a wine tasting evening with traditional Cretan music. The price also includes breakfast, small bus and evening meals.

Adventure & Accommodations

Crete is the ultimate destination for tasting the experience of nature at sea and the land. Downhill Canyons, remote sail-only beaches, walking trails, the E4 European Route, which crosses the entire southern Mediterranean and ends up on the wonderful island of Gavdos.

The 7-day package for a group of 10-14 people includes 1 day sailing on the southern beaches of Crete, 1 day walk in the Asterousia Mountains, 1 day crossing the well-known Samaria Gorge, 1 day walk along part of the E4 trail. The price includes breakfast, equipment, mini bus and evening meals.

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Ski & Stay

Get ready for the ultimate experience in the Cretan Mountains. Psiloritis, the most prestigious mountain in Crete, from January to March is an ideal destination for mountaineering skiing. If you are a lover of this experience, it is worthwhile to experience it.

Τhe 7 day package for a group of 10-14 people includes a total of 4 days of mountain skiing, 2 days in Psilrite and 2 days in the White Mountains. The price includes breakfast, equipment, mini bus and evening meals.

Shuttle & Stay

The Cretan tradition and heritage begins already in Minoan culture, almost 4000 BC. Museums, archaeological sites of exceptional cultural value, such as Knossos, places of worship of the Gods of Ancient Greek Mythology, as well as monuments and museums of the history of the recent years of Crete deserve to visit them.

The 7-day package, for a group of 10-14 people, includes a visit to the archaeological site of Knossos, the ancient sanctuary of Archanes, the archaeological site of Phaistos, the archaeological museum of Heraklion, the Historical Museum of Heraklion and the cave of Idaion Andron, where Greek mythology refers to how Zeus grew up.

Tickets of the archaelogical sites are not included in the price.